Arcade Deals

I adore the Arcade for ( you guessed it) the hair!

It’s usually the only machines I do play. You never know what you will get & as I love any shade this is a super deal for me! Hairs for under L$100!

It is totally packed out and will be for a while yet. Don’t fret,  you can look up yard sales in search if you need a fast fix.

Some tips on Arcade etiquette.

  • Take off everything. Wear a full body alpha you can find in the library. People will just derender your ass if you don’t so might as well go in showing respect for others.
  • Go to advanced settings | Rendering types | Un-tick WATER , Ground & Particles. Water is the most important for me as it lags the hell out of me.  Sure it is pretty but are you there for the scenery or to shop?  Go back towards the end when it quiets down and take your photos or sight see !
  • Have fun!

LambDaily Grind Collection
L$75 per play • 27 to collect (3 rare)Lamb. Daily Grind CollectionClawtoothJust For Kicks and Ruby Starlight
L$75 per play • 22 to collect (2 rare)
JustForKicks and Ruby Starlight Color Chart

Atomic.The Howling
L$75 per play • 27 to collect (7 rare)Atomic Hair @ Arcade - The Howling (key)ExileSugar and Spice
L$75 per play • 10 to collect (3 rare)
Sugar and Spice for the arcade

OliveThe Pumpkin Hair & Bangs
L$75 per play • 14 to collect (2 rare)

 +Spellbound+ |Antisocialites 
L$75 per play • 12 to collect (3 rare)
Spellbound // Antisocialite {The Arcade}

Tableau Vivant | Editorial Hair
L$50 • 51 to collect (3 rare)



Off sim shopping  –

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