About Hair SL

The Short Of It.

Hair SL is a resource of all things hair. In this blog you will find.

  • New releases.
  • Discount Hairs.
  • Group Gift Hairs.
  • Freebie Hairs.
  • Designer Spotlights.
  • Events.
  • An alphabetical list of Designers with Flickr links & Store Slurls.

Join our In World group

Join as a Designer in the Hair SL group you will be given notice rights. Here you can post all your new releases to hair lovers from all over the grid!

Join as a member and you will receive notices when there is a new post on the site & New Designer releases.

[ secondlife:///app/group/cb100ddb-5566-a1f1-75b6-9bea0fb33469/about ]  Just paste this link into your viewer and hit enter to join free.

Join the Hair SL Website

Designers – You are now invited to post your new releases on the Hair SL blog!

Please fill out this form to join us –  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1HQT5hV1THbhjkp6CLd2zndW_ixkpE1XlTzxjUOB_ZXQ/viewform  (500L joining fee waived until March 1.)


The Long Of It.

How to navigate this blog.

For now I will keep it simple as I am just starting to grow this blog. I shall add more inches to this at a later date when it’s roots are deeper.

  • Hyper links  –

  1. In computing, a hyperlink is a reference to data that the reader can directly follow either by clicking or by hovering. A hyperlink points to a whole document or to a specific element within a document.

Basically If you see some text in a different colour or in bold, click on it.  This will either take you to another web page or to the second life map.  On some viewers you can just click Teleport .  Now when the map comes up some viewers are a bit more bitchy and do not just hand you a land mark so what I like to do is when clicking on a hyper link I copy the URL off the map and paste it into my Second Life viewer. I then click the link I made in local chat and boom, your Limo awaits.

  • Editing  –

    When I do my own photos I do love to edit. So please, If you decide you LOVE one of these hairs.  Make sure you DEMO it before you purchase.  All hairs fit differently and if you are not willing to adjust your own head shape you might leave disappointed and we wouldn’t want that.  So again, DEMO! DEMO! DEMO!  ( Unless it’s free, No need to demo freebies!)

That’s all I got for now!
♥ Ember Adored ♥

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