How To Get Featured

Hello Hair Designers!

Want to become a part of Hair SL?

Fill out the form and welcome !

You will have posting rights on the blog for all your hairy news.

Your Store info will be posted on our Hair SL Featured Designers page.

Hair SL would love to Showcase your Sales and Free Gifts!

There is no cost to you, Just send a Note card or folder to Ember Adored with all pertinent information regarding the Sale or group gift.

Things to include in the Note card or Folder:

  • Sale details. ( Start, end, Prices %’s off)
  • Slurl of Main Store or Event.
  • A full perm texture or textures on the sale info or relevant hair ( IE: new gift hair )

I have also searched up your Landmarks and Flickrs,  placing them in the designer A- Z page.  Please let me know if the info has changed or I mixed it up somehow.

Thank you,

Ember Adored.

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