FREE HAIR! WAIT. HOW? by Adoness & 8Bit Rich



We are happy to present a very unique collaboration of brands!

🎮 About 8Bit Rich

8Bit Rich is passionate gamer with a vision. A vision to gain following on Facebook which will bring him more creative freedom within the popular game Fortnite. For that, he is willing to gift FREE hair from Adoness to ANYONE who decides to drop him a like on his Facebook page.

Not only that, If you are a Fortnite player you will be getting regular updates, streams and general information about the game. Being a Fortnite player is not mandatory to get your free hair. 

🎮 Here’s How it Works:

1. Like the page:

2. Contact 8Bit Rich through the page with your inworld legacy name (no display names) and the desired hairstyle pack.

3. You can choose ONE hair color pack, FATPACKS ARE EXCLUDED.

Your FREE hair will be delivered to you within the next 24 – 48 hours.

👉 Adoness Inworld Store:

👉 Adoness Marketplace:

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