ICONIC MIAA @ Liaison Collaborative

It has been a while since I’ve posted, so many social media outlets, so little time!

I have been really enjoying creating content as of late as a creative outlet from my busy RL. Learning how to do something differently is always exciting as well as sharing what you learn with others. As a content creator, there are times I feel I am not doing enough in that arena (sharing leading practices), which is why I have started to collaborate more others as well as provide resources that may be of benefit.

Anyway, before I let myself get into a longwinded post on community, learning and collaboration 🙂 ( which needs to be written- but not now), you came here to see what is new.



Miaa is a wispy, windblown ponytail styler. I have also included Photo Leaves for you photographers.


I do hope you enjoy.


Lastly, we as individuals have an inherent responsibility to give back when help has been given to.



About neveahniu

I am a content creator in second life. A 3d artist, engineer, game/web developer and a tester for various platforms. My passion is game design and development. I am the owner of ICONIC Virtual Brands and Creations.
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