Gacha Hair @ The Epiphany


Ends August 15


Tableau Vivant at Epiphany 75L/play

Tableau Vivant Epiphany 75L


LCKY at Epiphany 75L/play

LCKY at Epiphany 75L_001.png

Lamb at Epiphany 75L/Play

Lamb at Epiphany 75L_001.png

Entwined at Epiphany 75L/Play

Entwined at Epiphany 75L_001.png

Doe at Epiphany 75L/play

Doe at Epiphany 75L_001.png

Besom at Epiphany 50L/Play

Besom at Epiphany 50L_001.png

Ayashi at Epiphany 75L/play + gift

Ayashia at Epiphany 75L and gift_001.png

Analog Dog at Epiphany 75L/play + gift

Analog Dog at Epiphany 75L and gift_001.png

About Aerlinniel Vella Rougneck

In Second Life for over 9 years, Blogger for events, home & garden, fashion, etc. I love what I do, I have owned an RP sim, coordinated events, hosted, DJ'd, managed, and now blog and work as blog and event manager.
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3 Responses to Gacha Hair @ The Epiphany

  1. Hello Naka, I’m sorry that I missed your hair at the Epiphany, I was crashing a lot and prayed I’d managed to get them all but obviously missed one. I will venture back in later today and try to snag up a picture of it, thank you for the heads up. Was not intentional, I assure you ♥♥


  2. Naka Takaaki says:

    I was looking twice, but couldn’t find the Tableau Vivant \\ Barbercut hair in your post, which is also available at the Epiphany.
    Why is that? Because it’s for males? I’ve always regarded this blog unisex and not just focused on products for women only.
    I would really appreciate more support for male products in Second Life also from female bloggers.
    It’s so hard to find them, and a for-males-only hair gacha is still somewhat exceptional.
    Thank you.


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