Hairology Event!

Today’s post all about  Hairology.

You do know about this event right? RIGHT!   Whew, you all had me worried there for a moment. 🙂

Q. What is Hairology?

A. Hairology is a monthly event just for Hair!

Q. What are the Hairology Dates?

A. Hairology runs from the 10th – usually the 30th but darn short February.

Q. How do I get there?

A. Easy! Just click this link ( ) and it will take you to a teleport map OR Copy and paste it into your SL viewer and you are on your way!

🌟 I am showing off 8 hairs below , Credits for all included below them. Usually I would photograph each shot individually, incorporating it into a look, unfortunately this month is very short and I needed to show you this event before the round ended! Stay tuned for more Hairology posts next month!

 Also, you may not like these on me and that’s fine as we all have different tastes but I do urge you to head over and try the Demos!

You can thank me later!🌟

As always,
Happy shopping.
Ember ❤


🠝 [^.^Ayashi^.^] – Urumi 🠝
This is a super cute anime style hair with an add on that wraps around the body slightly.  Can’t wait to try it with my neko look !


🠝 .:EMO-tions..  – Lynette 🠝
Shoulder grazing bob. Sweet & versatile.

  🠝 ICONIC – Blanca 🠝
I love the length on this hair & the fact that the strands at the shoulders don’t seem to cut into my avatar. I am showing off their materials enabled hair.  The pack comes with or without.  See the shine? Turn on Advanced lighting and check it out!

 🠝 MINA – Froukje 🠝
I usually like a fuller bang on my hairs but this one is swaying me with it being side swept & tucked behind my ear. This style also come with or without materials.

 🠝 No.Match – No_ Tonight 🠝
This colourful beauty is from their unicorn colour pack.  I haven’t spotted that one before and now it’s an instant fave!  I also love the movement they managed to create in the front.

🠝 PINK HUSTLER – 8169 🠝
This is a very sweet style.  The pony’s themselves are nice and full.  This style comes with or without the pom poms.

🠝 pr!tty – Girdy 🠝
I love how the waves cascade down my back and over my shoulders.  Also the wisps, as if a light breeze has sprung up.

 🠝 Stealthic – Vivacity 🠝
This style reminds me or Marylin Monroe. I of course opted for a more conservative pink tone to show off.  No bangs again on this style but this designer manages to make the hairline look natural.  I dig that.


While I am on a rambling roll. I would like to send out a challenge to designers.
Pretty please create some bang add on’s. It’s such fun to change up the styles with add on packs.

What else is Ember wearing?

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Find me in Second Life as Ember Adored. Old school blogger, always learning new things. Loves to help others.
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