Loads Of Free Hair In Secondlife, Part 1

Happy New Year, Hair Lovers!

Edit! To find the free hair @ Analog dog. Fly around the sim until you see a bubble on the beach. Buy that for 0L and that’s where your new hairs will be!

I am Going back through my A – Z Designer List checking the Landmarks are fresh and figured while I was at it I would show you some( There are way more but I picked my faves)  FREEBIES I found on my Travels!

The 21 hairs in these photos are 100% FREE.  Either they are Christmas Gifts, Free Group Gifts or just no strings FREE.

I have gone down the list From A – E.  ( Make sure you check out this page and let me know who is missing! https://hairsl.wordpress.com/stores-in-alphabetical-order/ )

Enjoy ,

Ember Adored.


Left to right

  1. .Entwined. | Kelly | By Bʟᴀɪʀ Xᴇɴɢᴀ (vivienmarli).
  2. .:EMO-tions.. | Peggy | By Mirja Mills.
  3. D!va | Iris | By Marisa Bellic (marisa.kira).
  4. .:EMO-tions..| Jona | By Mirja Mills.
  5. D!va | Bambi | By Marisa Bellic (marisa.kira).
  6. .Entwined. | Daisy | By Bʟᴀɪʀ Xᴇɴɢᴀ (vivienmarli).
  7. Argrace |  Winter Gift | By rika Oyen.  ( One there for men as well )
  8. D!va | more than 30000 group member gift | By Marisa Bellic (marisa.kira).
  9. Alice Project | Gabriella Christmas | By Alice Project (aliceproject).


Left to right

  1. Clawtooth |  Glamazon | By Bubbles Clawtooth.
  2. Clawtooth | Kinda Shy | By Bubbles Clawtooth.
  3. ::Bold & Beauty:: | Divanopka.| By Jourdan McMillan (jourdanmcmillan).
  4. ::Bold & Beauty:: | Buffy | By Jourdan McMillan (jourdanmcmillan).
  5. ::Bold & Beauty:: | Avery | By Jourdan McMillan (jourdanmcmillan).
  6. barberyumyum | 85(SNR) | By toraji Voom.
  7. barberyumyum | May2016 | By toraji Voom.
  8. [^.^Ayashi^.^] | NY2017,pink | By Ikira Frimon.
  9. [^.^Ayashi^.^] | Yoko| By Ikira Frimon.


Left to right

  1. Analog Dog | damage control | By Queue Marlowe.
  2. Analog Dog |  theresa | By Queue Marlowe.
  3. Analog Dog | samadhi | By Queue Marlowe.

Also Worn –

  • Mesh Head – Catwa | Bibi | By Catwa Clip.
  • Ears – Mandala | Steking ears,Season 5 | By Kikunosuke Eel.
  • Skin Applier – Glam Affair | Alba / Asia 03 RARE | By Aida Ewing | @ Kustom9 Dec 15th – Jan 10th.
  • Lipstick – Zibska | Valen | By Zib (zib.scaggs) | @ Shiny Shabby Dec 20th – Jan 15th.
  • Closed Eye – Izzie’s | Catwa Closed Eyes Appliers | By Izzie Button.
  • Sunglasses – .LeLutka. | Glare Sunglasses | By Jaden Art (jadenart).
  • Outfit – =Zenith= | autumn school uniforms (Rose) | By Miffyhoi Rosca.
  • Poses – an lar [poses] | The Dean Series | By Kat (katya.valeska) | @ The Crossroads  Jan 3rd – 29th.

About emberadored

Find me in Second Life as Ember Adored. Old school blogger, always learning new things. Loves to help others.
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8 Responses to Loads Of Free Hair In Secondlife, Part 1

  1. Desy says:

    ROFL and only hair that was really there in the shop is the Yoko one from Ayashi… But its not free. you have to pay 400 FUCKING LINDENS for it to join the damn group. This is scam. Pure scam, advertised here as free when its not


    • emberadored says:

      HI there Desy.
      I notice both your comments came in March 2018. The information was correct at time of posting. Jan 2017. I am sure you must understand that things will have changed in the span of a year. Thank you for visiting thought. ♥
      Ps. No one paid me anything. I love to help other find freebies of quality.


  2. Desy says:

    Wow you are just a liar. How much you got paid for this post? I visited couple of the linked ones with asian like hairs and NONE of them was there or free. This post is just so lame.


    • emberadored says:

      Now Desy, calling me a liar is just plain rude. This info came out a whole year before you posted your comment & at the time all was free. I collected the hairs and took the photos myself. Nothing lasts forever. Sorry you got so mad!


    • Savannah Porterfield says:

      Did you not read the date on the post? This is over a year old. Stores change their gifts and groups.
      Instead of being a rude, childish, a-hole, why didn’t you approach this with a little decorum and classy and tell them things has changed?


  3. Ruby Simone says:

    Thank you!!!! I must have ALL THE HAIRS!!!


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