Lakewood Haven – pr!tty & .tree hunt

Lakewood Haven – pr!tty & .tree hunt


pr!tty & .tree hunt (10 hunt box)

hair fatpacks and furniture pieces

*HINTS* Dock, Coffee, Jeep, Icecream,Office,Beach,SurfShack,Groceries !

About Aerlinniel Vella Rougneck

In Second Life for over 9 years, Blogger for events, home & garden, fashion, etc. I love what I do, I have owned an RP sim, coordinated events, hosted, DJ'd, managed, and now blog and work as blog and event manager.
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3 Responses to Lakewood Haven – pr!tty & .tree hunt

  1. Reblogged this on Audry Juliesse and commented:
    Was a bit tricky to find it but so worth it awesome hunt! 🙂


  2. shelby says:

    I really can’t find gift 1 & 2, and there’s only 8 hints, can I have a little bit more info about those 2? thank you


    • I don’t have much more information than to advise that you look inside buildings, under things, behind things, etc. Perhaps join the Pr!tty group for extra help as well secondlife:///app/group/b23b775b-c35b-7464-cdd7-026987d42963/about


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