Fifty Linden Friday Hairs. Sept 30th 2016.

Hey guys!

I know that Aerlinniel already reported on /Wasabi Pills/‘s 50L Friday hair but well, you know me. I gotta buy them all and show em off for ya 😀 Enjoy ❤ Ember ❤

Just a quick heads up ( Tee hee, get it? )

Fifty Linden Friday is underway and this week has both !Oleander & /Wasabi Pills/.
YAY for some fantastic 50L hairs!

!Oleander ‘s Boone hair comes in their Essentials tones pack and that makes me so happy as I am in lurve with the red from that one. ( but went with blondes for my photos) Anyhoo, where was I ? Oh yes, check it out below.

!Oleander for FLF

/Wasabi Pills/ ‘s Marissa hair comes in her special FLF colour pack, it’s really pretty cool with some natural tones as well as some that are a bit more on the wild side. Grab a free demo and check it out or not cause, yanno – 50L HAIR!

Wasabi Pills FLF




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