Hairology Discount Round Open

A Sampling of what you will find there


Cheveaux 125-200L

Cheveux Hair Hairology Discount event 125 to 200 L_001

Damselfly 187LDamselfly Hair Hairology Discount event 187L_001

EMOtions 180LEmotions Hair Hairology Discount event 180L_001

En Vogue 150 – 225L

Vanity Hair Hairology Discount event 150 to 225L_001

Kokolores 150L

Kokolores Hair Hairology Discount event 150L_001

No Match 150LNo Match Hair Hairology Discount event 150L_001

Tameless 129-179 L Tameless Hair Hairology Discount event 129 to 179L_001


About Aerlinniel Vella Rougneck

In Second Life for over 9 years, Blogger for events, home & garden, fashion, etc. I love what I do, I have owned an RP sim, coordinated events, hosted, DJ'd, managed, and now blog and work as blog and event manager.
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