Discount Round @ Hairology + Free Gifts!


This is what you need to collect in order to get the free hair.


Hairology has begun a new round & this time with a twist.

This round the designers have placed out their favorite hairs at discounted prices. You can find hairs anywhere from 25, 50 or 75 % Off the regular price from now until June 30th.  Also , a lot of the designers have placed out a special gift for us in their booths. This is to celebrate Second Life’s 13th Birthday!! YAY!  Today I am showing off the ones that I could find for you, there may be more since I was there pre opening so head on over and check it out!

P.s. Sorry for the collage but I figured 12 photos on here would be a bit much for one post 😀
Hairolgy Free gifts
~ Hairs left to right ~

  1. .:EMO-tions:. | MABEL | By Mirja Mills.
  2. MINA Hair | Pearl | By MINA (mina.nakamura).
  3. [elikatira] |  Lena | By Elika Tiramisu (elikapeka.tiramisu).
  4. /Wasabi Pills/  | Lee | By MissAllSunday Lemon.
  5. pr!tty | Jeanie | By  karla (karla.marama).
  6. [ Rᴜɴᴀᴡᴀʏ] | Waterfall | By Kιм K. (candela.kira).
  7. ICONIC | Gia | By Ms. Neveah Niu (neveah.niu).
  8. :::Phoenix::: | Fabienne | By ℒιℓℓყ Pнσєηιχ (lilly.herberg).
  9. Vanity Hair | Nina | By Tabata Jewell.
  10. Beusy | Limes | By Becca (colorless).
  11. [elikatira] |  Libby | By Elika Tiramisu (elikapeka.tiramisu).
  12. NO.MATCH |  NO_LUCK B | By no.match (viking).

All these free hairs are here –

~ Also Worn ~


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Find me in Second Life as Ember Adored. Old school blogger, always learning new things. Loves to help others.
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11 Responses to Discount Round @ Hairology + Free Gifts!

  1. Jenni Stormcrow says:

    Thank you for sharing Emberadored ❤


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  4. Anonymous says:

    The cakes woint let me have the free hair?


    • emberadored says:

      How so? Did you left click the cake and receive an object with ‘cake’ in the name?
      If not could be lag. Make sure you are standing close to each cake before clicking it.
      They all work, been there, got them myself also helped quite a few friends get theirs since it opened. Good luck Anonymous.


  5. nice post!! i love the mina hair gift


  6. shelby starrzzz says:

    i am looking for the phoenix fabienne at hairology it is NOT there and is at the store only…the 2 hairs that are at hairology are fiona and kathy by phoenix..:( why would they put that as the hair and not have it at the event?????


    • emberadored says:

      Hey there Shelby, I will edit my post to be a little more specific. What you are looking for is a birthday cake in the designers booths. get up close if seeing mesh objects can be an issue, I will update and add a photo of what you need to get to have the free hair. But basically look for greenish coloured cake with SLB13 on top. Left click and repeat on the next one.


  7. ℳøηї says:

    Reblogged this on Moni's World and commented:
    I just got back from Hairology and got a ton of gifts and demos ^^ Here is a sneak peek of what to expect from this round! I think my inventory just went up a couple hundred items from this visit…smh


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