2 Of My Top Fave Hairs From This Round Of Hairology

I am very late with this post.I have been blogging about Hairology mostly over on my other blog Paperdolls  But, I am pretty positive that we have till the 31 to get over there and grab up all the lovely styles!

The top hair by NO_MATCH is super adorable. It comes with another part to it for the base of the hair but I preferred to use just the braids on their own. Speaking of these braids, They are so long! They come down to my thighs. I love them, try the demo, see what you think!

The second hair shown is by  [elikatira] and I have worn it almost daily since I got it. I love the bangs, the shape, the little wisps. Just everything! Check it out! I really should have blogged it sooner .

Unfortunately my photos were turning out poorly. The ones today are not even making me totally happy even though I got a brand new PC for Christmas.  Seems there is a bug called  THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER

Basically Windows 10 is fighting with my graphics card. I shouldn’t have to try to fix it as a layman so off it will go back to the store tonight 😦

P.s. my photos look OK in edit mode, in the post to me they look a mile long. I give up on today. Please forgive me, this is so frustrating.

Hairology Faves 2


 ↓ [elikatira]  Anjie Hair 


Hairology Faves 1

LIMO TO HAIROLOGY –  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Waterton%20Way/47/178/2795

Also worn

  • Skin – .Birdy. |  Ali – Pure | By Nina Helix  | Vip Gift | 150L Join fee
  • TopBlueberry | Shyla , Maitreya | By Blueberryxx.
  • Pose – an lar [poses]|The Seattle Series | By Katya Valeska| @ SHINY SHABY

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Find me in Second Life as Ember Adored. Old school blogger, always learning new things. Loves to help others.
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