Pink Hustler At Hairology

Hey everyone!

Have you been to Hairology yet?

I would love to know what are your thoughts on an all hair event ?  Please leave me a comment,  Good 🙂  or bad 😦  Just leave me a comment ok? I’m needy!

Today I chose to show you this cute wintery pig tail style by Pink Hustler. I adore the side bang and the perfectly textured hat.  Actually My next post will be on their group gifts so make sure you stay tuned!

I was inspired by the fact that I stood outside in the freezing cold watching the Santa Claus Parade.

That’s right people, Winter is indeed coming!

You can ring my bell

.Also Worn.

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2 Responses to Pink Hustler At Hairology

  1. I was really excited about the Hairology Event but noted that the hairs seemed more expensive than usual. I didn’t expect bargains and was happy to pay the normal 250L for a hair, but a lot seemed to be charging 275L. Am I out of touch with pricing?


    • emberadored says:

      Hey Arya! First of all, thank you so much for commenting!!! Prices of hair are now anywhere from 250 to 350. I suppose as with anything prices will eventually go up a bit but when you think of all the time and effort these designers are putting into creating these products from meshing , texturing, packaging and land tier it’s not so much of an increase. Just my thoughts, 25L more for that perfect must have hair is something I would totally be willing to pay ❤


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