Besom Group Gifts And Lucky Boards

Besom is my third post on the A-Z list of  Group Gifts / freebies.

( I skipped over Argrace as I couldn’t find any gifts in their shop.  I also Skipped over Ayashi because they didn’t really have much but if you’re into Christmas hair , clothing and accessories feel free to hop over ,  join their group and see what they have on offer.  I will check back often to see if they change things up in future.)

OK, on to Besom.  The group is free to join and they are very good to their members.  Copy and paste this link into your viewer.  secondlife:///app/group/74df908f-a215-9d5e-38e2-34c7899dfdf9/about

In their store you will find free:

  • Midnight Mania Board | Group members only.
  • Lucky Letter Boards | Group members only. If the letter on the board matches the first letter of your SL legacy name you win the hair!
  • 2 Free gift hairs | Find these at the front door. Members only

Besom is also a part of this months Mix. You can find the style Urban danity for 75 L  a pack.  It may be more for specialty packs,  I didn’t stay long as it was busy.

That’s it for Besom. Hope you enjoy!

Ember ❤
Besom group boards besom group gifts & the mix.


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