Alice Project Gifts And Prizes

  * I noticed that Hair SL was mentioned in the Secondlife Forums. ( Thank you for that! )  I realized that older freebies most of us have found already are new to the  Residents just beginning  Second Life.  So with this in mind I decided to wander over to each of the shops on the A – Z List to see who is offering group gifts and or freebies. This is going to be a huge project but I love you so I will do it!  Stay tuned for more freebies & deals! *

Today I begin this series with Alice Project.

What you can find here for FREE.

  • Lucky Letter | For those of you who are newer here a lucky board has a letter on it.  If it is the same letter as your Legacy name ( The one you joined SL with) Hit the board and it will give you the prize!
  • Mini Mania Board | Anyone can hit this. Once 5 people hit it, the board locks and delivers a prize to one lucky random resident out of the 5 who hit it.
  •  Midnight Mania Board | Anyone can hit this and if the board reaches it’s target by midnight SLT everyone gets the prize!
  • SL free & offers Free Hair | All you have to do here is hit the board, it will prompt you to join a free group.  Join this and hit the board again. Yay a free hairstyle!

Alice Project FREE items !

Now on to the VIP section.

To join this exclusive group you will need a spare 750 L.  Being a VIP member has these benefits.

  • 10% Store Credit with every purchase | Make sure you wear that tag though. if not you only get 5% credit.
  • Special members only color packs | As a VIP member you have the option to buy the VIP Medley Packs that feature a HUD with 60 colors + Roots for 300 L. The regular Medley Pack is 30 Colors @ 500 L.
  • Midnight Mania | There is also a special Members only Midnight Mania Board with a smaller lock down #.

Alice Project VIP wall (750 L Join )

Thank you Alice Project for having these free items out for us. It does help so much for new Residents to get to know and love your hairstyles.

Alice Project | By Alice Demonia
Flickr –

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