Chapter 4 September Round

The Chapter 4 has a few hairs to grab up.

I made some notes.

The first hair I’ve shown  you are able to choose the color pack you like for a set price.

The rest are in Gacha machines. For those of you unfamiliar with gachas, you pay a price to the machine and it gives you a random hair color. or pack.

Go forth and shop!

Malea @ The Chapter Four

Doe | Malea 

  • Regular Packs | 99 L

pr!tty - Anne - @ The Chapter Four

Pr!tty | Anne

  • Gacha | 75 L  Per play

[DUE] Maud for TCF

[DUE] | Maud

  • Gacha | 75 L  Per play

MINA Hair - Paige for Chapter Four

Mina | Paige

  • Gacha | 75 L  Per play


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