Oh yes we do have a group!

I forgot to mention, There is an In World group for this site.                                   ( Thank you Muse )

Hair SL   secondlife:///app/group/cb100ddb-5566-a1f1-75b6-9bea0fb33469/about (Copy and paste this to your viewer.)

It is free to join.  Feel free to chat about hair, ask the question,  “Where is this hair from?” With accompanying screen shots, Or really, you talk about whatever you like!

The tag will read Hair Junkie.  Designers or their appointed Minion will have the tag Talent.   (It could be Stylist or Master Stylist if you’d like) and have posting rights to notify the group of all your new releases.

The group is free to join for everyone. I promise there is no catch other than unifying hair lovers across the grid.

♥ Ember ♥

About emberadored

Find me in Second Life as Ember Adored. Old school blogger, always learning new things. Loves to help others.
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